bright support services

Bright Support Services is a qualified and professional provider of support services. Our friendly, professional and respectful staff work tirelessly in order to meet the needs of any individual who may need extra help.

We pride ourselves on being respectful and understanding of every person and what makes them unique. This includes an appreciation and respect of their culture, religion, beliefs, values or sexual orientation (LGBTQI).

In doing this we build trusting relationships, ensuring safety in everything we do. Whether it be a young family that needs some help around the house, an elderly person who needs personal support, or someone living with a disability, our experienced staff work with you to understand what support you need and to deliver this support in the way you want.

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client stories


“Bright Support staff are always polite an courteous and always treat me with respect and dignity. I love that I […]

Vern & Alison

“Laila is courteous, prompt and professional with an excellent work ethic. Her standard of care and attention to detail in […]

why trust us?

Building trusting relationships with the people we support is something we hold with very high importance. We understand the hesitations around asking for support. That is why we work with you to completely understand what and how you want us to support you. We use this two-way communication to foster a trusting relationship built on mutual respect. With over 7 years’ experience, and a lifelong passion for helping people, our founder Laila has instilled the importance of this philosophy into the culture at Bright Support Services, creating a warm, professional and respectful team of support experts.

meet Laila!

Our founder, Laila, has always had a passion for helping people. This passion led her to a career in the support services and health care industries, where she garnered a real understanding of the positive impacts that high quality support can have on people’s lives. This understanding grew into a real drive to provide support that helps empower individuals to live the best life they can.

With a strong emphasis on the importance of respect and trust, Laila decided to create an avenue in which she can deliver high quality support to more people. Bright Support Services was created to do exactly this; be an avenue in which more highly trained professionals can instil the same values as Laila and help support those who need it.

Support: Bright support services providers individualised holistic support for our clients enabling them to live independent, fulfilled lives. You can choose and have control over what and how support is provided. Bright support offers a range of support. Our support will give you confidence and improve the quality of daily living.

Safety: Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Both physical and emotional safety are emphasised in all the support we provide. You can be rest assured all our staff are trained to provide the most effective support, in the safest ways.

Trust: Trust is an essential value we hold. Building deep, long lasting relationships with the people we support is something we strive for every day. These relationships are built on mutual respect and trust in one another, helping you feel comfortable in getting the support you need.

personal support

We understand that day to day tasks can be some of the most difficult for a variety of reasons. From showering, shaving and grooming to manual handling and physical support, we can help

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home support

Whether the task is big or small, we take the time to understand your situation and how we can best help you. We can help with cooking , cleaning, gardening, post hospital support and much more.

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community support

We believe it is important for everyone to feel included and engaged within their community. We offer support for activities such as cooking & craft classes, social outings and more.

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disability support

Our staff work directly with you to understand your individual needs so that we can deliver the right support in a way that’s comfortable for you.

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